Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Eleven September of the Political and Medias theatre in France.

In France, the Mainstream Medias and the whole bunch of the political theatre is stuck within a total denial of the charges against DSK. As a matter of fact, we can watch on television all his friends who never tell a mere word of sympathy toward the victim. More, all these friends appertain to the wealthy elite and they act like involved in a network of political and business interest. Finally, This means that they use ideology as a weapon to maintain their power, their money and above all to keep their wealthy way of life, despite the "socialist" terms of their so-called politic.

Certainly, one can see that corruption has rotten the whole tree of France's "virtutis exemplum" in politics. Anne Sinclair, the bride of DSK, is so rich that everybody has to bend his opinion and ideological posture to keep her friendship and obviously and consequently her favours, say power comforted by vast amount of money. Worst, these shameful events unveil now to the French People that Anne Sinclair wanted to enter in the upcoming Presidential Elections race by the means of her great wealth. The truth would say that she aimed to use her money to impose her husband as the next French President. Even worst, this was the previous state of political theatre that French People didn't even knew for it was skilfully hidden by the Medias which are pretty akin to these politicians. Finally, American Justice has saved France from a dramatic mistake built by the connected Medias and Politicians.

Justice is as impersonal as the texts of Laws or Constitutions. And this quality of impersonality warrants the righteous and equal expression of everyone's rights whoever one could be and whatever one could have or not. During this "eleven september" of the French elite, America actually saved again France but on the beach of Medias and Internet, say the worldwide village without any boundary. This is a sort of battle or a war about News, medias and informations, against all the local medieval political habits which express publicly their almost-unconscious desire to punish the victim and free the so-called rapist. According to them, the main thing is that power and wealth should rule ever unchanged to maintain their heads steadfastly whatever could happen. Finally, when money makes demi-gods or Presidents there is no more Republic which is "the thing of everybody".

Demian West