Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ségolène's desire to participate

In France, the Ségolène's "Future Desires" -- the female candidate for the Presidential highest seat -- invites us to lie down on some mellow sofa : I mean her campaign blog so well-builded for her participative policy. There, we are wanted to plant our sole walker's dreams, for some participation in a collective debate . It's the new formula of debate which comes straight from the citizen journalism, and obviously from the famous "AgoraVox" which is the first citizen media in France.

First of all, at Ségolène's blog, I have to subscribe to the newsletter. Thus I'll be caught in a debate which is raised alike the four pillars of the Eiffel Tower : about four subjects of griev becoming easily, in France, subjects of grievance : education (of bodyguards), the "loss-loss" level life, and so on. Naturally, the whole debate will be fastly forgotten the very evening of the poll results : that day a female President should lead for the first time -- since Marie of Medicis -- the ungovernable France.

This flashy designed blog walks upon the high heels of the attractive Ségolène herself. So much, the whole blog inspires an easy walk toward victory against the ambitious Nicolas Sarkozy, the leader candidate of the right wing politics. Because, for the first time in France, the average people believe their words would be seriously listened to, and by the bias of this citizen debate.

How it works : some moderators scrutinize and pick up the best contributions, then they write synthesis reports, day by day. Also, the names of the best contributors are mentionned in the reports. Meanwhile, a device allows the average contributor some possibility to give his vote to the others' contributions, and raise them up from one to five stars : in a manner of light call to the moderators in action. Though, the contributor has to use this vote not as a new art of bulling each other, but as a device well-fitted to enlarge the participative debate, said the moderators.

As a matter of fact, the new mode of participative communication becomes a must and worldwide, as it is reaching nowadays the point of no return for the universal democracy. Although, nobody couldn't tell us how and when our contributions should really be integrated in some materials and thoughts of this new translucent building of the future State policy. As I guess, it's only a promess. Because Ségolène is believed to read the reports of contributions, so that she could ameliorate her socialist program.

That's the reason, one can fear the antic theater of politics serves us again his old soap-discourse. Just in time before the guillotine headers and their blade contributors to "" will break up some frenchy rebellion and skirmishes, still in street-fashion. So, it could be quite dangerous to play with the "Future Desires" of the french lovers in Sweet France. Already, the mob hurries toward the portal of Ségolène. So stressed she would say to the people : "To get your Future Desires ? Come tomorrow !"

Around this so subtle battle over election-campaign strategy, we can feel some recall of the sphinx Mitterrand's enigma. Yes ! How could people complain furthermore, meanwhile they are holding the joystick of the participative policy ? The She-leader would reply in some easy surfing "top-down" :"The policy has failled because you have participated so wrongly...". Finally, to much debate reaches swiftly a babylonic buzz in which nobody can ear you scream. And perhaps, it would be the best way to rule the ungovernable France. As I guess...

Demian West

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the description of how her site works! As an English speaker with rudimentary knowledge of French, Royal's site is actually quite daunting!

It will be interesting to see how many ideas and suggestions Royal really ends up taking from her "participative campaign", or if it is just an easy way to excite voters.
French Election 2007