Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Duhamel-Bayrou Media Case

The centrist candidate in the presidential race, François bayrou declared that a lot of misuses question the whole french society, when he replied to the banishment of the journalist Alain Duhamel punished because he publicly supports and votes for Bayrou.

Visiting the city Poitiers, François Bayrou acknowledged the objectivity of Duhamel's analysis, who has been banished from the broadcast of France Televison (the public TV) and RTL because of his centrist support. "Duhamel is a journalist everybody knows his objectivity" said Bayrou. Thus, the reason of his banishment is Duhamel's centrist déclaration in a conference at Science-Po, in a private meeting with UDF students. A despotic outcast which unveiled some underground troubles corroding the whole french society, and surely among the huge media network and policy devoted to the bi-partism obsession toward the ligne of second round.

Duhamel said on RTL : "I shoudn't say that" than he spoke immediatly more frankly "Now I'm paying for that. It's out of proportion". Albeit he understands the decision of the chief-editors, he deplores his outcast of public television. On the other hand, his brother Patrice Duhamel is the number two of the prime media group "France Television". Naturally, one would alleged some favoritism, if Alain Duhamel had stayed on broadcast.

Finally, Duhamel denounced the position of the Community of the Journalist of France 2 as "shabby or pathetic". Duhamel stays on duty on RTL, in tough contradictory debates, but no more as a politic editorialist. He writes further his chronicle in Liberation, according to the direction of the newspaper. There's something rooten in the doomed french media.

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