Tuesday, February 27, 2007

French Presidential Elections : the "Spartakyst" left rallied Bayrou.

In the french campaign for presidential elections, the socialist candidate Segolene Royal stagnates in the polls since the launching of the campaign. A week ago, some said she runs in a free-fall, and the polls show the hard-liner of the right wing, Nicolas Sarkozy leading with 10 points over the "French Hillary". Moreover, the whole left failed to take off in the opinion. The left-of-the-left candidate, José Bové couldn't get the 500 supporting signatures from the 35000 mayors to enter in the April ballot, as requested by the Constitution.

Two weeks ago, Segolene Royal unveiled her "100 propositions" largerly borrowed from the "110 Propositions" from the former socialist President François Mitterrand. Although many cheered her discourse, the electorate downed sharply in the polls. So, what could explains this free-fall ? Certainly, too much expensive promises to each chunk of the electorate. When money, to pay for, lacks in the national treasure, which voters know quite well.

On the other hand, Segolene would like to reconciliate the French with business on some strange leftist blairist mood. But, thousands of french workers are fired day-by-day by rich French Multinatonals who expatriate their factories toward under-wage countries. Alos, the socialist staff is buzzing about some so called "Personal dispute" within the staff of the campaign. Eric Besson who is the chief economic expert, has resigned as a frankly sign he wouldn't cheat the French People with a program of proposals it sounds cheaper, and just to gain the presidential challenge.

Some of the staff said unfounded rumors about Besson's marital difficulties so stressing, which led him to resignate. Meanwhile Besson replies sharp criticism against Segolene Royal, whose campaign and program he branded as "incompetent" and "under-estimated".

The Segolene's free-fall surged obviously when a 30 high-ranking socialist civil servants announced to the Press : "We believe that the incoherent and erratic candidate of the socialist Party is leading the French left to an inexorable defeat." Under their public groupe name "Spartakus" they rallied François Bayrou the Centrist Leader. In the same time, Bayrou surged in the polls and in the main medias as the very third man leaving the former third-man and far-right leader Le Pen behind in the polls. Now, day-by-day the press and opinion buzz about Bayrou could-be-first.

Finally, to regain her former leadership over the whole left, Segolene launched a campaign shakeup, last days. And she decided to enlarge the cast to his former socialists opponents so-called the "éléphants" : the group including Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former Mitterrand's prime minister Laurent Fabius, and Lionel Jospin the former candidate in the presidential race 2002.
Jospin lost the challenge at first round, and it was an unbelievable earthquake in the french and european political world. Because the far-right extremist Le Pen was in touch of the Presidency, the reason why immediately the whole electorate backed Jacques Chirac to win largely against the great threat of dictatorship. And this was not a bad joke but a real traumatism in the political memory of French people and voters.

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